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Have you gotten your hands on our newest products yet???
This color really makes her eyes pop!

Creating and finding that perfect tone to make your eyes pop can take some time and patience but it’s always worth it.
Why do I love my job?

It’s creative. Even if you feel like you always want the same thing I always enjoy it. When I think about other jobs they seem boring, or lonely.

I am never lonely in this job, and it is definitely not boring.

I also have a genuine love for hair. I daydream about what I could do with peoples hair, what it might feel like, or how I could make it even better.

#lovemyjob #findyourstylist #arapahoenehair #nebraskahair
Keeping your hair looking natural is my favorite. 🥰
Was today "wash" day??
Do you have Dry/itchy scalp or Oily scalp?

Awaken can help solve both of these problems. I shampoo with Curls first then shampoo second with Awaken. This keeps my scalp healthier and happier this time of year.

#scalphealth #arapahoenhair #nebraskahair
I can not put enough lotion on these days.

It’s a good thing I have our new products at home because now I’m just putting it on for fun. ‘’Have you been in to try them yet? Sugar Kiss seems to be my favorite so far. 🥰

#lalallicious #winterhands #moisturize #stayhydrated
I’m The best at Time Management.

My clients often remark at how fast I am. I do that by keeping track of time and keeping a good eye on my schedule. This keeps us both on time and no time is wasted.

What’s more Important to you Time or Money?
Could anyone use a relaxing soak in the tub? I know its only Monday, but still. It's monday. 😉

I am loving this New Body wash/Bubble bath.

It starts as an oil and then turns into a luxurious foam. My skin felt so moisturized the rest of the night but not in an oily weird way.
What's your biggest hair issue?
Am I right?

This may be one of the reasons I don' t like driving with the windows down either.🙂
Is it just me or can you almost see Her hair moving?

I love a flexible hold hairspray. Surface Char is my favorite right now. Do you go for firm hold or flexible hold? 👇👇
Healthy hair is my number one goal for you.

When was the last time your hair felt shiny and soft after a chemical service?
Curlz's cover photo
We like to keep things drama and gossip free.

To keep the drama out we ask you to continue wearing your mask. If you have been tested or someone in your house has been tested please cancel your appointment and reschedule when you are clear.

We will continue cleaning like mad women and wearing our masks too. ❄️❤️

#covidsucks #pandemicmode
Some girls can afford some extra shedding, some girls can’t.

Which one are you?

Did you know you shed up to 30% more in the winter? To help keep your hair from doing this if you fall into the category of ”can’t afford” to loose then message me for details on how to keep your hair in the “growing phase.”
is your winter skin dreaming of moisture?

I dare you to Give yourself what you need. You know, self care. Those words we don't think we deserve. Ha. You absolutely deserve to take care of you too.

So, show me with a GIF how your feeling about your hair
Going from long to short used to intimidate me, especially if you came in with a head of hair like Jill.

Now that I have had extra training with Surface System no haircut intimidates me. Education gave me more confidence in myself and my skills.
Introducing Lalalicious!

A sweet treat just for your skin. Do yourself a favor and come try all the flavors!
Who couldn’t use thicker hair? 🤷‍♀️

I know I can. So on my fine haired ladies I use Awaken thickening cream/spray. It Doubles the diameter of the hair!

Did you hear that? Double. 💯 It’s amazing to feel the difference in your hair.

warning ⚠️ the first time you use it you’ll think your imagining things. Just remember this is not your imagination it’s Real.
I just want you to know

I care about you
I am thankful for you
I always look forward to seeing you
❤️❤️ 20% Off Scalp Facial - 20% off Jan 5, 2021 - 9:00 AM ~ Jan 31, 2021 - 9:30 AM - Start the new year with a healthy scalp. Enjoy a scalp facial. They exfoliate the scalp. Removing impurities and opening up the follicle and allowing healthy blood flow. Then they give your scalp just the right amount of moisture. Did I mention it com...
First week of the new year. Don’t worry I’ve got your back ❤️
The most common way to deal with winter hair is, changing the product your shampooing with.

I recommend Awaken by Surface. It’s going give you a clean, clear, and moisturized scalp. Keeping you free of oil, itching, or flakes.

Buy online or message me for your personal recommendation.
May we never forget the lessons learned in 2020.

A few things I learned along the way-

-family time can be spent at home
-be flexible, things rarely go as planned
-contentment is available in the present, not the future
-you can only control yourself, Set goals that you can guarantee the rest will be taken care of.

I hope this year is your best one yet! I love you guys 💜💜
The Zoe Report Would you try any of these trendy haircuts?
Ready, Set, Go!!

There's something in it for the winner 😉
I am officially out of the salon until January 5th!

I’m looking forward to recharging for The new year and finishing up this year with my family. ❤️

Gold or Silver?

I used to be a silver only girl, but I’ve slowly been heavily leaning to gold. 🧐
The number one thing that will make your holiday easier.

Be Flexible.

This is the hardest thing for those of us that want everything to be planned out, but really if you leave room for flexibility you’ll be able to enjoy Christmas just a little bit more.

Let the dishes wait so you can hear the funny story Uncle Bob is telling, or spend extra time with your niece because she asked you too. ❤️❤️
It’s BOGO this week!

Thus is your last chance to save on any of our styling products. So email me, bust down our doors 😉before Your favorites are all gone.

What do you need to come get?
I’ve got your back.

Yes Christmas is only 5 days away! But I’ll be here Tuesday and late Wednesday evening. Tell me what you need👇👇
Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I just love the old puppets and animation in this movie. 🥰

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