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[08/28/18]   September is a busy month for us! I have a few more appointments left for the month! i will be taking the week of the 10th through 15th off for my sisters wedding! so if you need in please let me know ASAP! 432-2977
[03/27/18]   OPEN APPOINTMENTS before EASTER!
Wednesday: 10:00, 12:00, 1:00, 3:00, 6:00
Thursday: 6:00, 7:00
Friday: 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00
Saturday: 8:30, 10:00, 12:00
Let me know if you need in yet this week before the Holiday!
[02/11/18]   I will be out of town next weekend if you need in before March let me know ASAP! FREE wax & Haircut with color service. msg me 402-432-2977
[01/17/18]   If anyone is in need of a appointment spots are filling up quickly for this next month. I will be out of town next weekend and also the last weekend in Febuary. Saturdays that are still open are Jan 20th Feb 3 & 10th. The weeks are open as well.
Specials: Color Service get free wax & haircut 💇‍♀️💇‍♂️
Msg me 432-2977
[12/18/17]   Last call for appointments before Christmas! Msg me asap if you need in 402-432-2977
Also if you need a Gift Card we have those available Also!
[12/04/17]   Christmas is right around the corner! Scheduling out the next couple weeks spots are very limited. Msg me asap if you would like in. 402-432-2977
Free haircut with color service
[12/06/16]   Open appointments before Christmas avaiable!
Next week:
Wed 14th- 1& 3:30
Thursday 15th- 4:00
Saturday -17th -12
tuesday 20th - 2:00, 4:00 & 6:00
Thursday 22nd- 2:00, 4:00

Happy Holidays! If you need in let me know! ASAP!
[08/29/16]   All right only few spots left
Wed-10 or 11
Thurs- 1 and 3

Last color spots for this week!
If you need just a haircut I can fit u in a few other times. Just message me!
[08/22/16]   Big Holiday Weekend next week! If you need a touchup before then let me know asap working on schedules! Hope everyone is enjoying this weather!
[08/15/16]   So many things coming up school starts this week labor day weekend is right around the corner and then of course harvest time will be approaching us! This is busy time for everyone! If you need in before things start getting even more busy let me know asap! Filling schedule up for the next month!
Shoot me a message or text
[07/10/16]   If anyone needs in this week let me know!
Doing some specials this week only!
Message or text me 402-432-2977
[06/28/16]   Will be heading out to the lake on Friday afternoon if you need in before the big Fourth Of July let me know asap got a few spots left this week.
Message me on here or shoot me a text
[05/17/16]   Got some specials going on before memorial day weekend! Let me know if you need in! Spots are filling up quickly!
[12/03/15]   Christmas is arriving very shortly! If you need in before christmas please message me as soon as possible! Filling schedule up quickly!
[10/15/15]   Got some openings tomorrow if anyone would like to get in before the weekend! Let me know!
Alright everyone I have decided to do a doterra class every second Monday of the month! This is a open class for anyone and more then welcome to invite friends to as well.
If you have ever thought about oils or wondering what everyone is using them for please join us for our first class September 14th at 7:00! All these classes will be held at the salon in cortland!
If you have any specific topics u would like to know about let me know and I will make sure to accommodate that in our class!
Make sure to rsvp! Will be doing drawings at each class! :)
Doing a giveaway!!
Will customize for teacher!
First: like the photo!
Second: comment a teachers name who u think would like this on there door this year! Third: share the post!
Will be drawing someone TUESDAY!
Glitz & Glam Salon's cover photo
Alright everyone going to give this 110% effort and get my business up and going! I know what the potentials are from this company! We had a chance to go to a little conference and meet some of the amazing leaders that are rocking doterra! There lives have changed so drastically and it can happen for anyone! Husbands quite jobs to help there wives with there business in doterra it just amazing what u can make out of yourself with this company!
If anyone has any interest or wants to start doing a business that can really change your family lives please private message me I can answer whatever questions you would like!
# makingadifference💜
[05/05/15]   Hey everyone!
Graduation and summer is approaching very quickly! If our would like to set up a appointment please let me know! I will be heading on a vacation end of may will be leaving on the 28th for 9 days! Spots are getting limited!
Please either text or call me
Thanks everyone! 😆
[03/24/15]   Hey girls! I know prom is right around the corner I got a special going on now for tanning! Buy 2 months get a FREE bottle of lotion! Also if you are needing to get your hair done for the day of prom please contact me will be doing special for that also!
4024322977 call or text me!
Chelsea Helmink
[01/16/15]   Hey tanners tomorrow saturday the 17th I will be open from 9-5! Come anytime! 😉
Got some great new product! All bedhead products are now 20% off! Come check out what's all new! :)
[01/07/15]   Got some opening today it anyone needs to get there kiddos in for haircuts today!call me at 4322977! Stay Warm!
[12/14/14]   Christmas is coming very shortly if anyone is wanting to get the in before please let me know! Thanks spots are getting booked up!
[05/12/14]   Graduation and memorial day right as round the corner! Come in and get freshed up!
15% off all colors and includes a free cut
Tanning but 2 months get 3rd free!
Call 402-432-2977
FREE SCARF giveaway! Comment on which one you would like and share my page with everyone to enter to win a free scarf :)
Couple new scarfs have arrived! Come check them out!
[04/04/14]   Easter special starts Thursday the 17 thru the 24! 20% off all color services let me know if u want to make a appointment! Have a great weekend everyone!
Come shop and check out some of out newer arrivals!
[01/27/14]   Don't forget 21% off all this week on color services let me know if interested spots filling up fast! Thanks!!
[12/12/13]   Will be running a special 15% off all colors till Christmas let me know if u would like to get in spots filling up quickly! Merry Christmas everyone!
Boutique fair November 2! Have some great vendors coming! Please share this photo and let's get the word out! Thanks everyone!
[09/11/13]   All right all you crafty people out there we are doing a boutique fair on November 2 in Cortland at the community center! Good time If you have things you would like to show off before Christmas let me know! It will be from 9-3! Private message me if you would like to reserve a spot! Thanks!
[08/16/13]   New arrivals at the salon! New watches! Come check them out! Will be at hallam craft fair tomorrow with all the goodies 9-2!

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