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Ready to, cut and color. Who cares??!?? I’m baaaccckkk💜💜
‼️🌀🔅OpEnInG MONDAY 🔅🌀‼️ I can hardly wait to see all your covid cuts or if you’re totally owning a Cousin It ’do that needs tamed. Who cares.....I’m just so excited I get to see your faces again. Well....kinda see your faces, at least your eyes, but hey, at least I get to have conversations with all my people I’ve been missing 💜💜. I’ve been in contact with many of you, but if I haven’t, you’re on my list, or give me a shout! —I guess I should also take this time to say that the salon experience will be a bit different upon opening.

🌀masks are required by stylist and client(if you forget a mask, I will have some at the shop, but by all means, bring yours)

🌀if you aren’t getting in as soon as you’d like, please be patient. I am trying to reschedule in the order that I had to cancel out and I’m having to take extra time for extended sanitation requirements.

🌀if you have traveled to a high risk area, please wait two weeks and reschedule.

🌀if you have a fever or any other symptoms, again, PLEASE reschedule.

I am going to do everything in my power to make this as painless transition as possible. We’re in this together! See you Monday✌🏼💜
‼️To everyone I just recently started rescheduling, I am truly sorry. I hope you all know how incredibly frustrating this all is. I will try to get a hold of all of you, at this time I am not going to try to reschedule appointments until we get closer to the opening date. 😢

‼️🌀our projected opening date is June 1st🌀‼️

Everyone, take care of yourselves and I can’t wait to see all your faces. Like a friend of mine said on her salon post, never did I get this much time on maternity leave, so I’ll use as quality time with the boys.🤪 who am I kidding like they want that😜 all stay healthy. See you in June❤️✌🏼
[04/24/20]   I have root touch up in 🙌🏼🙌🏼 let me know if you need any. Can easily meet you at the shop for it❤️
Salon 606 Tee | Change Clothing Change Clothing in Lex is doing an awesome thing to help small businesses during this crazy time of uncertainty. For every t-shirt sold ($15) Change gives back to the small businesses 10 bucks!!! It’s such a neat way to give back and support my small business that I dearly love, and wear a little Salon 606 swag!! ✌🏼💜 $10 from each shirt purchase will go back to this business.
[04/14/20]   I have received an order from the warehouse, to restock some retail. Unfortunately, the latest hoarding is with root touch up🤪 not really, but it is sold out as of right now. I will keep checking to see when that is in stock and let you guys know. Otherwise, if you are in need of any product let me know. I can meet you down at the shop. Thank you guys, love and miss you all ❤️❤️
HaPpY EaStEr 🐣
[04/02/20]   Well...I knew this time was coming and that everyday I was still able to work was one day closer to the inevitable...we have been mandated by the our local health department to close until the 11th of May. I will be in contact with all of you to let you know that we will have to tentatively reschedule for then. I love you all and you all make my day so much brighter. I have said, that in a month or two depending on how long this all lasts, none of us will ever complain about having to go to work 😉 take care of yourselves and I can’t wait to see your faces and grown out May. ❤️❤️❤️✌🏼
[03/17/20]   ‼️we are OPEN‼️

Salon 606 will be open, amidst Covid-19.

Please!!!....we urge you to call and reschedule your appointment if you have any of the symptoms identified by the CDC, as being associated with Covid-19.

As a salon we will continue with proper sanitation practices, as always.

Thank you for your continued love and business through these unknown times ✌🏼

Jett the Therapy Horse came to visit us today. 🎄
Time for a little pick me up. Today’s color is a #surface win. #lovemeabob #redheads * Well here's a thought.... 🤣😂😅 any clients come to mind?? - Ha!
ORIGINAL & Proper cred goes to @kaylinalysshair !!!!!
Client Probs? HERE's 9 MORE >>>
Fo sho * Your late day "Pick You Up" 😄🤣😍 Via Glamiris
It’s beginning to look Christmas-y ‘round here🎅🏼🎄
DrY ShAmPoO..... we all know why we love it... or why we thought we did anyway. NOT only is Dry Shampoo great for extending time between washes BUT Dry Shampoo is great for *extra body *using BEFORE bed to absorb oils while you sleep, giving you beautious 😉hair when you wake up *using BEFORE a workout to keep your hair dyer (Surface Dry Shampoo is great for this) *using AFTER a workout to absorb oils from your hair so you can actually go out after a workout (Lanza Dry Shampoo is ideal for that) ***can also be used as a buffer for sweaty feet (..wait, wHaT?!!?) OR anywhere else you have unwanted sweat. **both smell great and can be used as a body spray as well. *!*!*!* don't forget the guys either... Dry Shampoo is not just for women, it's a fantastic product for men too. Men with a thinning hairline, spray a bit and it lifts from scalp giving the appearance of more hair. 👍👍

I have 2 Surface in stock. Pre-order and receive 10% off!!
Excuse the no makeup ick. But these are MY eyelashes after about 3 and a half months using Lash Grande. I'm a believer. I've been surprised by how my lashes have even thickened up since beginning use. *these results are FOLLOWING instructions, using it every night for 3 months.

Let me know if there's interest anf and I'll get some in at the salon. 👀👀
RESTOCKED!! Brushes:large vent, small vent, Detangling Wet Brushes and backcombing brushes. 👍
I've been so bad about posting on the salon page the last few months, but here is April's retail special!
You girls are gonna want to get your hands..🤔...lips👄...on these. New Diamond Collection from Lipsense!! Stop in, they're here!
[01/03/17]   The winner of the Salon 606 December drawing is...Edna Cajellas!! Yahoo!!!
Just an FYI on this month's special in at the shop. Pretty good deal (if I do say so myself😉) And don't forget stocking stuffers; wet brushes, mini nail polishes and lotion make great last minute gifts!!!!⛄🎄🎁
The winner of the very first Salon606 give away is.....(drumroll please...) Tara Naprstek. Stop by the shop to claim your winnings😊 yay!!
Salon 606's cover photo
Holla....we've got Lipsense in the hiz-ouse...stop in and check 'em out! $25 for color, $20 for gloss.
After looking at my salon page I realized just how bad I needed to clean the chalkboard wall after I primed it. --food for thought...coke cleans a chalkboard wall like new.--crazy,eh??
Salon 606's cover photo
Salon 606's cover photo
This special lasts until the end of November!! Surface Curls is not only for curly hair. It can also be used as a smoothing system (crazy, right?!?!) moisturizing and anti-frizz, great for coarse hair. **if you have already purchased product, I've already put your name in for the drawing!!
I got busy and forgot to post more progress pics...we've been open since Wednesday and not too many glitches😉 could not have done this without this amazing crew. Erica and Cole went above and beyond and I'm truly grateful! Still have some things to get done but we're operable. Thanks to everyone for all the support!! Make sure to stop in and take a look.
[11/08/16]   So we all know how remodels the original plan was to reopen tomorrow, the so much. See you all Wednesday!😉...I hope.
Broc and Bub workin the pallet wall yesterday. And Broc and Jerry killing it today on the floor. --I am beyond blessed at the work that these guys have put in.
We are definitely gaining.🛠🔨🔧
It's a family mom worked her tail off today. I am so thankful for her!! And Jaser just wanted to break stuff. He worked on the tack strip for a while, lost interest and beat the crap out of a bookcase. Love this crazy group, wouldn't trade em for a million bucks. 🛠🔨
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