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Salon Deja Vu & Salon DeJa Vu on "A"

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Lincoln, NE, 68502

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Thank you heatlh care workers! On behalf of both our salons and with the help of our generous guests, ONE HUNDRED Valentine goodie bags ( containing treats and a $25 gift card) went out to our fantastic Health Care workers this week. You people have done an over the top amazing job at taking care of all of us during this pandemic. We just want you to feel a little extra love this Valentines day.
Thanks again!XOXO
Today we celebrate 2 very special Salon-Aversaries! Julie & MIsty! Thank you for being such an amazing part of our salon family! We wouldn't be US without "U"!
Just a bunch of salon girls sharing the love at Valentine’s Day. Did I mention that liters are on sale?
Yup! They are chocolate! Help yourself!♡♡♡
We are still looking for models for our Dip Nail services! Once you become a model, you also LOCK in Dip Nails for just $21 for 2021! Tag a friend you think would like this offer, and be entered to win a FREE pedicure!
Be careful out there!!!
Saw this on Angie Jaegers page, and thought...
Lets have some fun on this snowy snow day!
One murder mystery party and these girls think they are CSI....week 1....murder at the high school reunion.
Hey Viral peeps! Today is your lucky day. We have 4 shampoo/ conditioner duo kits. These are just $15. When they are gone they are gone.
Dip nail models needed!!! How would you like to secure $21 dip nails for all of 2021??? Easy peasy....just become one of our dip nail models and your first visit is FREE!!! Call or DM now, space is filling up!
If there are any Chiefs players who still need a haircut we are covid FREE and are willing to get you ready for the show!
MODEL CALL!!!! We LOVE you all and we want you to LOVE your nails! For the month of February if you book with select stylists you can get a FREE dip nail service!!!
Flakey scalp? Itchy dry skin? Might be a good time to try Tea Tree products! If these are new to you, they are also 20% off through February! New to you services, ( foils, color, lashes, Brazilion Blow out...etc.etc.) are all 50% if it's your first time!
Someone should tell these guys about Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner!
We always say this about you!♡
When you feel like a million bucks with your new haircut / spacebuns & bows, we HAVE to do a photo shoot!
Tee hee hee!
Oh yes we sure are!!!
Catty flakes!

Brian Sewer. ( ha ha ha...Julie from Seward!) A snobby wine critic, who said whatever came to his mind, no matter how nasty. SWEARS its ok to duck out and take a bath when invited to his brand new EX-bosses home for dinner. The jig is up are The Killer!!!
Wiggly & odd pair of twins. With one speaking in a perfect English accent. The other, apparently was better in photos than in person. The current "it" girls, not very sophisticated, almost wore a pink plastic mini skirt to the mansion for dinner that night. Too cute to kill
Martin X. ( Kristi) a brown wig, corduroy wearin' smooth talkin' political activist with a shady past. Was hard to understand, as every confrontation with him involved him trying to sell one of his MANY books! (It was hilarious!)
Tamara Fara-Bucktooth, ( Linda) in all her formal gown, blonde flowing hair glory. Was shocked to find out about her long time steady's side piece Mary-Jane. If she had to share him, she sure as heck wasn't going to share his $!
"Champagne Charlie" Bunsun, (we call him Hailey) was a gangster guy of few words. He tried his best to convince us he has had his share of "hits" in his career, but he wasn't taking the blame for this one! With a giant paper clip as a tie tak. It was like he was just asking for a fight!
Babs Crayfish aka Chloe. Tried her best to play innocent, insisting she knew nothing of Lord Jagged's bad deals or her Boyfriend: Champagne Charlie's mafia connections. That pink hair didn't fool anyone Babs!
Mary-Jane Faithless, (Misty) our resident Pop star, and on & off again girl friend to the slain Lord Jagged. Made eyes at her bf Terence all evening, while deterring the advances of Oliver Steed. She told all of us she was not aware that Lord Jagged was taking her out of his will.....hmmmmm
Terence Shrimp, our very own Hanah, the photographer who has been seeing the victims girlfriend, Mary-Jane Faithless on the down low. Swears it wasn't a " secret"! Terence was a good sport, having spent the night refered to as " Shrimpy" & " Cocktail sauce"!
The candy cigarette chain smoking Kitty Killer played by Emily. An oppionated journalist, she delivered her lines with so much conviction, it nearly got her convicted of the murder!
This is Oliver Steed aka Jessie. Her womanizing actor was hilarious! She stayed character the whole night, including CONSTANT hitting on the ladies sitting around her. And YES that stash stayed in place all night long!
The Murder Mystery has been SOLVED! It was that nasty Wine Critic BRIAN SEWER!!! Aka Julie! Best way to spend a Blizzard with friends! You all would have loved seeing your stylist stay in character all evening. It was a blast! Stay tuned ...more pics to come! Do you have an appointment today? If you have not heard from your stylist, you may want to give us a call before you head over. PLEASE BE CAREFUL out there!!!♡
Even Bernie knows the "hot spot" to get your hair done!
Our cast of characters has been busy putting their costumes together in prep for the big reveal! Stay tuned, lots of fun pics to follow!
[01/21/21]   Which salon do you think our Murder Mystery Murderer works at?

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