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Emma took the leap and went for it! She still has aways to go but one step closer!!
Turning over a new leaf, a fresh start...it’s the first monday of 2021! ✨
When we come back to yoga after a break...it’s kinda like being a beginner all over again!
The mind is open to new ideas, the ears are ready to listen, and the body is ready to release days or even months of built up physical and emotional tension!🧘🏻‍♀️

It’s not about being perfect...be content with making small imperfect steps toward your intention until they become habits and lead to a natural organic transition into the life and state you want to live!
There is no moment other than the present...so let’s do this!
I don’t know about you all but I’ve got some new and exciting things in the works for 2021! ✌🏻

Join me and re-start your yoga practice...or get started with a yoga practice if you don’t have one!

🙋🏻‍♀️Join me today 5:15pm Beginner slow flow (in-person or virtual livestream options)
🙏🏻Tuesday 10am 50+ or novice/those with mobility restrictions
(In-person or virtual livestream options)
💪🏻Wed 5:15pm Hump Day Flow intermediate flow
(Virtual option only this week!)
🤘🏻Saturday Vibes Power Flow 9am intermediate physical level with some Pilates/yoga hybrid strengthening drills. (Virtual option only this week!)

Can’t make those class times work with your schedule or don’t live locally to practice with me!?...sign up for the virtual option and after the livestream class finishes and it uploads into our on-demand library it will send you the link to practice that class at a time that works for you...love a class...want to try that posture/sequence again...go back and revisit that class...practice makes progress!

*Download the mindbody app, search yoga in Ord Ne...find Utopia to view our schedule and select the class you want! or call the front desk 308-730-8333 and we can reserve your spot!
#yogaeverydamnday #starttoday #utopiaspaandhealthstudio #takemetoutopia #changeyourlife #comeon2021 #comeonwithit
[01/02/21]   Hello all! I have openings on the 8th and a few little spots on the 23rd. -Tess
We are open at the spa today til 5pm for all your last minute Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers and spa gift card needs!!...and tomorrow 9am-1pm!
*All skincare packages on Special
*Bliss CBD Holiday Spa package on Special
*All Utopia Retail 20% Off
*Purchase any gift cards or retail today & tomorrow be entered to win a Bliss 1/2 Day at the Spa for you or someone for a gift!🎄

We have a couple in-person spots still available tonight for yoga flow 5:15pm...last chance to join us for yoga before Christmas!...or if you can’t make it in with the roads (or don’t live locally) you can join in the virtual livestream option! 🧘🏻‍♀️

If you sign up for the virtual class and can’t do it live at 5:15pm...it will send you the on-demand class link and you can pull it up and do anytime this Xmas week you need to de-stress!!

Register on the mindbody app or call front desk and we can reserve your spot!
3 Chances to join us for yoga before Christmas!!🎄✨

...and in the spirit of giving we would like to offer the gift of yoga to you and a friend or family member with this X-mas week Yoga Special:

Friend or family members visiting for the holidays?!...bring any friend with you to class FREE this week only!🤗
Sign up for the virtual class and get a virtual link for a friend to do it with you FREE!🤘🏻

✨Tomorrow 5:15pm Slow Flow all-levels
(In-person & Virtual spots available)
🧘🏻‍♀️Tuesday 10am 50+ gentle Yoga all-levels
(In-person & Virtual spots available)
✌🏻Wednesday Hump Day Yoga Flow 5:15pm intermediate level
(In-person & Virtual spots available)

If you sign up for any of the virtual classes a link will be sent to your mindbody email 30min prior to class time...if you cannot do the class at the scheduled livestream time, the on-demand link for the class will be sent once the class is finished and has uploaded...so you can have it to do at any time that is convenient for you during this holiday week!😁🎄

-sign-up on the Mindbody App or call front desk to reserve and/or sign up a friend!... 308-730-8333!
Hello Lovelies! I only have one small spot left tomorrow but I wanted to let you know I’ll be at Utopia on the 8th and 23rd of January. 😊 -Tess
[12/14/20]   🎄Here's Emma's Christmas specials!🎄
90 min massage with free CBD add or free cupping add on for $90!
Buy 5 30 min massages and get the 6th free for $150!
60 min massage for $50!
Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄
I have added Wednesday night spin class this month.

Class starts at 6:45 PM

There is one slot available for tonight's class.

Please show courtesy and cancel 3 hours ahead of time if you are not able to make it. This way there is time to let people on the wait list know.
[12/02/20]   Winners for our Fall Open House Drawings
Kelly Jonak detox soak
Madison Zollo detox soak
Shey Boyce 1 hour massage
Angie Jensen Ultrasonic Facial
Arielle Brinkman Conditioning Treatment
Jenny Wolf Shellac and free Hempz Lotion
Congratulations! Please call the front desk, 308-730-8333, to schedule your service, they are on your chart and ready to use anytime!
Thank you to eveyone for coming to our Open House!!
Effective today Wednesday 11-11 New Mandates will be enforced for all counties in the state of Nebraska...here are the two that affect us here at the Spa & Heath studio.

Please wear your mask now when entering the spa, you may remove to have your service performed in the mask area.

For yoga & fitness classes: you do not have to workout in a mask!...only if you can not be socially distanced.
Spin students will space bikes allowing the 6ft distance between. Yoga students, We have measured and marked spots for you to lay your mats that are spaced the 6ft apart to allow plenty of room to be distanced in class. We will cap class sizes this winter at 12 people/class to allow the appropriate amount of space in our studio for everyone to stay safely distanced.

Please register for class on the Mindbody app or call the front desk or msg us to sign up for your class you’d like to attend each week!

...let’s continue to be able to practice in person and help keep each other accountable and healthy this winter!
Come see us tomorrow and take advantage of our Fall Open House/ Early Holiday Shopping Specials at the Spa!!

All kinds of spa packages on sale:
massages, hair, nails, skin, hydrotherapy soaks, and infrared sauna sessions

All skincare, Utopia brand products & essential oils, haircare, and full-size Hempz lotions Buy one get one 1/2 Off!!

Other retail products, holiday gifts, small maker products and wares on sale 10-20% Off!

Yoga 10 & 20 packs of classes bought that day only feature No Expiration Date + get FREE Utopia T-Shirt while supplies last!!

New Client 5 Pack of Yoga classes for only $25!!

Purchase over $200 in retail receive FREE choice of Revitalash growth product for the brows or lashes...while supplies last!

Large drawings & giveaways, door prizes and covid friendly grab-n-go refreshments/snacks provided!!😋

If your out of town tomorrow or at home in quarantine...you can still take advantage of these great specials!!

...just call front desk 308-730-8333 to purchase and put on your chart for later use, or we will also do curbside delivery as well!🤗

If you can’t make it in person and want the complete list of package specials just send us a msg and we will send them to you to look over and give us a call!
Open house for Utopia spa and health studio is November 5th 9-5:15.

If you prefer curbside delivery, you can call Utopia and put your order in by phone.

Lots of gift ideas and stocking stuffers or treat yourself 🤗

Specials will be available the day of the open house!

Utopia - 308-730-8333

New Blue Sage Candle line in at Utopia! Light one of our Meditation Candles, lay your head back, relax your shoulders...and let everything fall into place!🧖‍♀️

New product in stock for our Annual Fall Open House/Early Holiday Shopping Event coming up Thurs Nov 5th 9am-5:15pm!
Introducing our new line of @bluesageboutique Candles

So mush thought and love has went into the creation of this amazing line of candles! 💕

Try one of the 7 Chakra Candles designed with all natural essentials oils to correlate with the area of the body that resonates with you! And each candle as it burns down reveals the stone that helps with that body area for you as a keepsake.💫

Prone of the Mediation & Intention Candles with corresponding scents and mantras or intentions inscribed on them that can be used in your manifestation sessions ...how awesome it that!🙌🏻

At Utopia we believe in supporting other small businesses vs. big corps. this year and have tried to get in quality professional spa and yoga based products for you all that are made by local artists or other small makers that connect with our wellness lifestyle.

Please support local business for any gifts you can this holiday season.🙏🏻🎄

#ordnebraska #putyourmoneywhereyourhouseis #utopiaspaandhealthstudio #healthandwellness #meditationtools #intentionalliving #bluesageboutique #smallmaker #nebraskaspa
Last chance to join me for yoga this week!!

Tomorrow morning 8:45am I’ll be teaching a special 30min Slow Flow class at Nicole Dennis’s Studio in Ord.
Limited socially distanced space available Text Nicole at (402) 518-0079 to reserve your spot!! 🙏🏻❤️
Donate and we will give you the Zoom link to practice with us remotely in your own space!🧘🏻‍♀️
[10/08/20]   Enjoying some time just hangin upside down with this guy on our trip!!
I love doing this acro pose together, it just opens up the whole front of my rib cage, heart and sternum...and the decompression on my spine and low back being inverted is like nothing else!
It’s funny how being upside down at the start of my yoga practice was scary and made me feel nauseated...and now I crave it!! It leaves me feeling refreshed and vibing high!!🤸🏻‍♀️😜💫
...and oh how I’ve missed doing acro with other people during this pandemic.
#acroyogafun #acroyogaeverywhere #thosewhoacrotogetherstaytogether #adventuresofjackieandlou
One of my wise Ayurvedic yoga teacher friends once told me...

sometimes making progress means taking rest days.🧘🏻‍♀️📿

This really struck me. I was the one who always chooses the hot fiery workout, every day go get it done and felt guilty if I didn’t get everything accomplished or “god forbid”took any time for myself.
I’m sure it’s my nature...overly pitta...my entrepreneurial mindset always thinking...daily to-do lists...constantly looking to the future...and always taking care of others.

Then I started having problems...burn out...stress...then physical manifestations started happening...lowered immune system, injuries...weight gain...sickness.

Then I realized how important this rest day was...the restorative side of my practice...to bring me back to a balanced state...and yes I had to literally schedule that time in for me at first!

Yoga has been a savior for me. Once I learned how to embrace those restorative elements more in my life and take those days to balance my overly dominant pitta side...I started to feel better! I become more physically and emotionally balanced. My body got stronger, I started toning up, my nerve pain got better, I got sick less often, my hip & back pain resolved...I felt healthy!...I decided to become a yoga teacher for this reason. To help others find that balance, the ability to self heal and operate at their optimal state.

We have many great teachers/trainers here at Utopia. From workouts, spin, weight lifting karate, Zumba and of course yoga...and we also have other great trainers in our community, also offering classes, boot camps, one on one training etc. so utilize the experience around you and get a group that helps you find accountability and helps you grow.

So I want to encourage you, to take time for yourself this fall and start feeling good again. We are all open for business!...and right here in person...with plenty of space...so if your tired of sitting at home with your only workout or yoga options being what you emulate on your device or tv... come train and interact with us! The vibe is like nothing else.

We have a great Total Health and Wellness Collaboration going on with one of our other group class teachers in Ord, personal trainer Nicole Dennis. Many of you also take her triple threat or spin workouts here in town. We have decided to offer special rates to those “dual members” who are wishing to find this balanced/healthy state with both of us!

Anyone who currently is signed up for one of her 5week Triple Threat workouts...can come to Utopia and have 1 yoga class/week with me to help rehab any injuries, imbalances, increase range motion, or just give your body that recovery day it needs so you can train more effectively!


If your one of our Utopia yogi’s needing another good workout...or maybe our class times we can offer aren’t jiving with your schedule this fall, Nicole is offering a special rate to join one of hers! She has rates for 1, 2, or 3 class/week add on options!

To take advantage of either offer:
Nicole and I both have cards to hand out if you’d like to take advantage of the special! Just pick one up from her or here at Utopia...or msg us for a digital one sent to you with all the info on how to register!🤗

Let’s all get to the best state of health and wellness this year together, and turn 2020 around!
Heat cure hair treatment:

Deep conditioner treatment used with a special low heat flat iron while hair is wet.

Last up to 10 shampoos

Pushes conditioner into hair follicle and gets rid of frizz and dryness from summer sun/heat.

Fall is here so schedule an appointment to get your hair back to feeling soft and shiny from summer heat damage.
Pumpkin is one of our favorite fall flavors! But why is it in so many skin care products? Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, to help soften the skin and Vitamin C, an antioxidant. Pumpkin is great for anti-aging and to help correct damage from environmental factors like the sun.

Pumpkin helps promote healthier skin by fighting inflammation, reducing the appearance of pores, control of excess oil, and preventing blemishes. It is a great treatment for resilient skin types.

Pumpkin purée has great enzymes and antioxidants that can offer results similar to a peel by removing dead skin cells while the skin is being nourished.

In conclusion pumpkin is a powerhouse that will leave your skin smooth and glowing! 🧡🧡🧡
Just launched our two new fall inspired facials!🤗

“Pumpkin Marshmallow Spice” 🍂
“Campfires n S’mores” 🔥 🏕

Get your skin on point!...both of these decadent fall inspired facials are designed to remove summer buildup, help clear up any maskne/clogged pore issues, calm, hydrate and take down any inflammation with the benefits of Cbd, rejuvenate and speed up cellular turnover and help address dull aging skin!
Leaving you with that fresh fall glow!!🧖‍♀️✨😁

Both fall facials include these added touches:
*Ultrasonic vibrating deep pore cleansing with the most amazing smelling Amandola milk cleanser by Circadia which’s formulation has key brightening ingredients and tyrosinase inhibitors to help minimize pigment and sun damage in the skin.
*Ultrasonic spatula exfoliating and extraction to clean that buildup out of the pores...add-on included Free in this special!
*Option to add our very popular quality Cbd products to your services to help calm anxiety and reduce inflammation.
*Warm steam to open the pores and hot clay packs under the back to put you in a deep state of comfort and relax muscles.
*A deep breath followed by relaxing scalp & hand massage while you steam to help release tension.

Fall Facials Special $85 (Reg. $100)
*both facials take aprox 60-75min

~Book now!!...Sarah has a waitlist for October, and is currently booking into mid-November. Reserve your appmt with her now to get in this fall!

Also, are you planning to do some skin correction or treatment packages this winter? 🤔
Call us to have Sarah help you develop a care plan, and don’t miss your chance to get in for winter!! Pre-book your esthetic appmts for the busy Holiday Season now!

Call front desk to book:
Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm
...or DM us 😊
Advanced Cryotherapy Had a customer come in recently with a very swollen ankle. We used the localized machine to help reduce the swelling and help reduce the throbbing pain.
[09/10/20]   I have one or two appointments available Friday after lunch depending on what is scheduled! Treat yourself this weekend 🤗 -Tess
Hello my lovelies! My September days at Utopia will be Friday the 12th and Saturday the 26th! Remember I provide massage and esthetics services now. I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces 🤗 -Tess
Hello everyone! Just wanted to remind you I’ll be working on Saturday and I have some openings in the afternoon still. Remember I can do massage and Esthetics now. A service I’m really loving is the lash lift and tint. It really gives that wow factor without the commitment of extensions. -Tess

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