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[10/24/16]   Ok ladies, it’s that time again. I have done the unthinkable and put myself on “hold” as a Jamberry consultant, and with my own personal stash being far larger than any girl needs (So funny!!) I am placing my full sheets up for sale! Not only that, but I am doing them at HALF PRICE!! That’s right ladies, $7.50 a sheet and they are yours. Too good to be true you say? But just wait, there’s more!

For every order of 4 sheets, I will also throw in accent nails!! You heard me right, accent nails. As I said, my collection has grown too much for me to handle and I would love to spread the love of Jams once again. Please contact me if any of the wraps below interest you and we’ll get things started! I will update the list as time goes on and orders are placed. Please remember, I have only ONE sheet of each of the listed below, so once they are spoken for, they are gone!

April Hostess 2015, Aquamarine, Bam Bam, Black and White Skinny, Black Tie Affair, Butterfly Kisses, CheetahLiscious, Chevron Blooms (Juniors), Confused Canvas, Cosmic, December Hostess 2014, February Hostess 2015, Fire Engine (Glimmer), First Frost, Flapper, French Tip Bows & Little Momo's (Juniors), Galactic, Glitz, Gold Crisscross, Great Scott (Juniors), Happily Ever After, Happy Birthday, Heart Health Awareness, Hot to Croc, It's Complicated, Leo Geo & Lace, March Hostess 2015, Navy Quatrefoil, On the Fringe, Over It, Pumpkin Spice, Sea Glass, Something Blue, Spotted, Spotted Waldo (Juniors), Spring Fling, Sprinkles and Frosting (Juniors), Summer Sunburst, Sunset Ombre, Sweet Nothing, Tainted Classics, Veiled, Venus, Vixen, White Romance

I also have one unused heater (valued at $19 and I’m selling for $10) and one bottle of the Nail Care Cuticle Oil (Valued at $10 and being sold for $5!)
Can you believe it's that time again?? Time for us to go out with the old and in with the new!! Here's the list of Going Going gone ladies!! Get in your last minute orders any time until the end of the month!! After that, these wraps are OUTTA THERE!!
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Talk about a bit of Summer Fun!! Here's this week's Throwback Thursday Wraps!! Thoughts ladies??
[04/13/15]   Going to draw the winner for a $25 Gift Certificate this Friday from ANYONE who has made an order in the past month ;) Yes ladies, this gives you another 5 days (If you include today) to get an order in!! Rules are, for every set of wraps you have bought, you get an entry (this includes my ladies that came to the Convention yesterday!!) BUT it will not exceed 10 entries lol I look forward to seeing who wins!!
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Who else is ready for St Patty's Day?? If you're not, check this out ;) Green on your nails means NYUUU pinching on you!!
Mandy's Finger Candy
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Hard to believe that, not only does Jamberry manage to unveil a ton of beautiful new wraps, but also these lovely items for nail care!! I can't wait to try out the new Cuticle remover pen!!
Wow ladies, the countdown is almost up!! 2 days left until all these beautiful wraps go bye bye for good!!
Only 6 days left!! So sad to see all of these wraps leaving!! ;) But so excited for the new catalogue as well!!
I have a special for the month of March, I will giveaway a Free Jamberry Heater to March Hostesses with qualifying parties!! And with the new catalogues coming out, it's sure to be an easy sale ;) PM me or comment below if you are interested in not only earning your own free and discounted wraps, but also a free heater!!
[02/13/15]   Hey ladies, I'm going to be putting in a bulk order on Sunday the 15th, to start getting all the retired wraps I'm missing!! If anyone wants in on the FREE SHIPPING I am offering, that's the day to do it!! Let me know if you're interested! I will also be doing an order on the 28th, final day to order retiring wraps so shoot me a line if that's the day you'd rather be involved!!
My NAS designs to date :) All approved and able to be bought!
Ok, so I need to brag about Keely for a little bit!! She did her gramma's nails again tonight
;) I'm looking for Hostesses, lovely ladies who want to try their hands at getting free (yes you saw that right, FREE!!) and 1/2 priced product!! She must have a love of pretty nails and MUST want to have a party online while she stays comfy in the warmth of her house, preferably in her p.j's ;) Any takers?
Everyone seen this month's SSE? Adorable!!
Alrighty, it's that time!! The time we've been waiting for!! The list is ready for viewing!! Going, going, GONE in March, so order while you can!!
Mandy's Finger Candy
Two days ladies, Two days until we find out which wraps retire forever!! Here's hoping that Diamond Dust Sparkle isn't one of them!! How about you? What's your favorite wrap so far?
I can't believe I forgot to post this last Friday! Heart Attack with a couple of Diamond Dust Sparkle accents ;) What are you all wearing?
My most recent 7 day Challenge :D Aside from nail growth, you'd never know it'd been a week ;) Plus, I LOVE the February HE!! Paired with a retired wrap Bubble Gum, it's the perfect way to celebrate the days up to Valentine's Day!! If you're interested in getting some Hostess rewards of your own, PM me anytime!
Just a couple of my own challenge pictures! The first is Let It Snow from the winter collection and the other is one I made in the Nail Art Studio, Starrynight wraps :D Who has a challenge pic or two to show?
Hey all, did you know that when you buy 3 sheets of wraps from Jamberry, you get the 4th set of wraps absolutely free?? That means you get 8 manicures and 8 pedicures for $45!! Where else can you find such a deal?
I'm in love with all of the holiday wraps!! Show me the love! Who has ANY of these wraps, and lets see them!
Each sheet of Jamberry wraps will give you 2 manicures and 2 pedicures, plus 8 accent nails! And, don’t forget the special Jamberry is running… Buy 3 get 1 FREE! When you do the math, you’ll realize this means you are getting AT LEAST 8 pedicures or manicures (usually more depending on the length of your nails) for $45!! Seriously. 8 manicures for $45. How much do you pay at the salon? Remember, there is no limit to the Buy 3, Get 1 deal. Buy 6, get 2 free, buy 30, get 10 free, etc!
Baseball Method for Curvy or Domed Nails For all you ladies with curved nails ;) You asked and I made it. A tutorial on the "baseball method" and step by step demonstration. This is a trick to get Jamberry nail wraps to lay flat with out ...
OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video Check out this quick YouTube video to see how easy they are to put on you! For more information on how you can master the application process, see our Application Tips & Tricks Video
What are Jamberry nails? Jamberry are heat-activated vinyl nail wraps. They’re unlike anything else you can buy anywhere else. They’re not polish strips. They outlast the dollar-store brands, and even the expensive salon brands. They don’t chip, fade, or smell — and they don’t dry out. Jamberry nails last up to 2 weeks on your fingers, and up to 6 weeks on your toes.
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