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Brandi at The Hairbender's cover photo
Brandi at The Hairbender's cover photo
Brandi at The Hairbender's cover photo
[08/01/20]   As most of you week will be my last week before vacay. I will be out of the salon August 10th through the 19th. I am currently booked till mid September. If you need in after that please get ahold of me so I can get you scheduled. For those of you who are already booked please be on time..
I have a VERY tight and full schedule before vacay! Thanks for your cooperation, don't forget your masks..
Stay safe and stay healthy!
Made it to 250 "likes" so two half price pedicures go to Jordan Santos and Jenni Jackson! I have the most amazing friends, family and clients. Ladies, call me at the Hairbender this week, (308) 632-6616 to schedule your appointment. Thanks to all to shared my page!
Brandi at The Hairbender's cover photo
Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mamas out there!
[04/30/20]   May 4th is just around the corner! I'm getting so very excited to see all my wonderful clients!
A few small reminders:
* 10 or less people are allowed in the salon
*Come alone
*I have to wear a mask and so do u!
*One on one services at this time!
*If u r not feeling well, please reschedule
ALSO: There are 5 of us stylists...meaning u can not "sneak" a family member or friend in between u...10 allowed in the please do not put me in that position!
I appreciate your business and this will b in effect all of the month of May...
I am working diligently to try and get each and every one of you in, a timely manner. But keep in mind I cannot work 16-hour days every day. Thank you for your patience and again so excited to see you all!
[04/24/20]   Update... Salons are allowed to open as of May 4th. I am so very excited to see all of you. Just keep in mind that while you are trying to connect with me..... So are hundreds of other people! I have to work with you one-on-one. If I have you scheduled in between someone else I will contact you and get your rescheduled..... As I have worked with you in the past, I expect the same in return at this time! Know that your opinion of the whole situation won't change laws or rules necessary for everybody's safety. Keep in mind your health( and mine)...... Is my biggest concern. You are all missed terribly and I cannot wait to see each and everyone of you. Until then ;...... Stay healthy!
Happy Easter my peeps! Stay safe, stay well and most importantly; stay home!
Unfortunately The Hairbender will be closed until May 1st. (Unless the mandatory closure gets extended). Please call the salon and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can. If u are scheduled during the mandatory closure we will get u rescheduled as soon as possible! (308) 632-6616
Stay healthy, STAY HOME, and be safe!
[04/09/20]   Update: the government has shut down all salons due to the corona virus. We can be back up and running as of May 1st unless the government extends the mandatory shut down. I will not be in the salon until then. NO; I will NOT be doing house calls! It is against the law and I am a professional and have worked too hard on my license and my education to throw all that away. We need to look at the bigger picture here! There is a reason for all of this. My life....nor your life is worth it. This sucks for all of us, but this too shall pass. We will get through this! Stay well and STAY HOME!
[04/05/20]   Update: hello my lovely clients. Hope all is well. Just an update: yes...I am still working. Part-time right now! I am working one-on-one at this time. If I have scheduled you in between someone else I have contacted you...or will contact you to schedule a different time and date. I only want one client in the salon at a time...for your safety, and mine! .... if you have traveled out of the state or not been feeling well lately please contact me and let me know .... we will get you rescheduled. Again... This is for your safety and mine! If you want to cancel your upcoming appointment, please questions asked!... I appreciate your business but I also want everybody well and safe. If you have any questions contact the salon 308-632-6616... leave a message and I will give you a call back. Thanks and have a great day!
[03/22/20]   Just wanted to keep my clients posted. I am still doing hair! I am open for business and will stay open unless the government tells me otherwise. As usual the salon is taking all sanitary procedures seriously. We are going above and beyond protocol! We are asking clients not to bring others in with them, unless absolutely neccessary! The less people, the better. We also ask if you are not feeling well to please be respectful and reschedule. Thank you everyone for your business and understanding.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Have a wonderful day!
I'm back!
It's official, I am now on vacation. I will be back to the salon August 23rd.
Have a fabulous weekend!

[03/14/19]   Due to the weather we will be closed today.
Brandi at The Hairbender
Brandi at The Hairbender
Just trying to help out!
Amen to that!
Thanks for your support!
Brandi at The Hairbender

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Give me a call to book your appointment today. The Hairbender (308) 632-6616
Happy New Year to all my friends family and clients, and co-workers. I hope everybody has a wonderful New Year. I am so very blessed to know each and every one of u!

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